Visit CascaisAfter finding life in Morocco a little challenging, it was with some relief that I found myself in the beautiful town of Cascais, Lisbon. Although I spent quite a bit of time last summer in Portugal, I never managed to visit Cascais, and this was a mistake. However, it’s only March, and I’ve already rectified this, with a stint teaching yoga at Perfect Spot Lisbon.

Cascais is a little gem of a beach town. It’s bustling and popular, without being too touristy (ok, it is super-touristy, but not in an obnoxious way). The beaches are beautiful, and there are plenty of them. The town itself is quaint and sweet, full of quirky cafes and shops.

Visit Cascais For Yoga

I took a class at Yoga Cascais, where they offer yoga classes twice per week in English (always helpful, as my Portuguese is limited to being able to order wine…) These classes are great if you want to explore yoga beyond the postures – pranayama, mantras and meditation.

Perfect Spot Lisbon will also be offering in-house yoga classes over the Summer, so guests there can enjoy yoga in the garden as part of their holiday.

Visit Cascais for Food

The Portuguese really know how to cook (and eat!). An afternoon trip that I went on involved not one, but two picnics in the space of three hours. It was great.

And for eating out, perhaps because of the bohemian surfer-y vibe in this part of Portugal, there are unexpectedly good veggie and vegan options in the cafes and restaurants. The supermarkets also had veggie choices to rival those in the UK – a real bonus after my time in Spain (where I was told the Spanish word for vegan is “crazy vegetarian!”) If you’re a fan of fresh fish or seafood though, Cascais is the place to be.

Visit Cascais to Explore

Lisbon and Sintra are both less than 45 minutes from Cascais by public transport. Lisbon is amazing – creative, cosmopolitan and colourful. I’m a little bit in love with it. You can easily spend hours wandering the cobbled streets, and without even intending to, every corner seems to lead to another panoramic vista point. The bonus of all the walking is that you work up an appetite for the gourmet food market Mercado da Ribeira (I know – more food…).

Sintra is another magical place. It has it all – castle ruins, grand palatial houses and stunning natural scenery.

Visit Cascais for Surfing

As I’ve discovered, surfing and yoga compliment each other perfectly. If you’re already a yogi, your core strength, flexibility and body awareness  will help you to find your feet quicker on the board, and for surfers, yoga is the perfect way to warm and release your body before and after surfing. Whatever you do, you can find the perfect balance through the combination of surf and yoga.

For many people who try surf and yoga together for the first time, they discover it makes for an “ideal day”. You can get up, practise yoga before breakfast, then head to the beach to catch some waves, before chilling later in the day. It’s the perfect balance of activity and relaxation, action and zen.

Visit Cascais To Chill

I’ll be completely honest, my time here hasn’t been nearly as action-packed as this blog makes it sound. I’ve basically practised yoga in the garden, caught up with writing, walked along the beach and eaten delicious local food. It’s been such a great opportunity to take a step back and lead a simpler life in a beautiful place. So if that’s what you’re looking for (and really, who isn’t?) visit Cascais – it’s dreamy.

If you want to combine a trip to Cascais with a yoga retreat in Portugal, I highly recommend the amazing five day retreat I’ll be teaching at in June. Message me for full details, and a special discount before the end of March.

Happy travels!

Love Jade xxx